Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Importance of Maintaining Access Control Systems

Keeping a facility secure and safe involves numerous different things. Of course access control systems and reliable surveillance are important components, but there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration when keeping your facility secure. Today’s access control systems are more technologically advanced than older means of security, but they still need regular upkeep and maintenance.  Sure, today’s modern technology makes access control work more effectively and efficiently, without regular routine maintenance all technology in the world would eventually become unreliable.

Regular database maintenance is incredibly essential when it comes to maintaining access control system. When employees leave, it’s important that they be deleted from the database. By performing regular routine maintenance of databases, the safety of your facility remains strong and ensures only those permitted to enter a facility are the only ones actually entering.

Next to regular database maintenance, backing up information is also important. System failures may be a rare occurrence, but the possibility is always there. Rather than having to start over if a failure happens, a backup will get you up and running without the stress of starting over.

Regular access control maintenance is incredibly important to keep your security strong as well as protect your database. Choose for your access control needs.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Healthcare Security

When it comes to healthcare facilities, security should be a priority! Healthcare leaders across the proximity cards, healthcare workers can quickly enter secure rooms, which helps offer a higher level of security as well and convenience for emergency responders who need to access a room quickly.
country are seeing the value and necessity in implementing innovative technologies to increase safety, and even enhance workflow, by allowing healthcare leaders to monitor their employees.  Today’s healthcare facilities are trading in old magnetic strip entry cards and opting for easier to use and more scalable proximity cards. With

Another important reason that healthcare facilities need to update their access control systems is the facing challenge of security threats that are becoming prevalent in many healthcare settings. To address these threats and risks, having a layered approach to secure onsite locations as well as patient rooms is incredibly important. By updating access control technologies, as well as installing reliable surveillance camera and recorders, you can take solace in knowing your facility is more secure, and the risk of security threats is greatly lowered.

Like every industry, security is becoming more and more important. Update the overall security and access of your healthcare facility with today! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What is a Proximity Card?

When it comes to access control, there are many options in today’s market. At, we carry a plethora of access control items that are guaranteed to keep your facility safe and secure.  If you’re looking for an effective way to control who enters your facility, perhaps you should consider the use of a HID proximity card.

A proximity card is a contactless smart card that can be read without having to insert the card into a reading device.  Simply holding the proximity card to an electronic device allows for entry into your facility or business. The cards are thin enough to keep in the wallet, but can also be worn on a badge lanyard. Perhaps one of the best benefits of a proximity card is that it can hold more data than a magnetic strip card. Proximity cards can hold date and time data, to help you keep better track of employees.

Proximity cards are perfect for use in a variety of industries including banks, offices, and any location where access control is important. At, we carry a slew of proximity card options, including HID proximity cards. Proximity cards are dependable, affordable, and guaranteed to keep those out who don’t belong, and allow those in who do. Shop proximity cards at today! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Reality of Cyber Threats

It’s no secret that access control systems are incredibly important for the security of your physical business presence, but what about your cyber security? Card access doesn’t really protect you from cyber-attacks, and these attacks are very real. Beyond making sure your business is protected physically, it’s important to protect your internet properties as well. If you’re looking to completely safeguard every element of your business it’s important to consider the following steps at safeguarding your cyber presence.

· Implement and monitor a strong company wide computer use policy that is strongly enforced.
· Install and update antivirus and malware protection software on all computers used within the company.
· Set up a firewall and DoS application on the corporate network. If your employees VPN from home, ensure they have proper firewall and antivirus protection themselves.
· Always scan incoming E-mails for virus infected attachments.
· Monitor web traffic.

New cyber-attacks are created and released every day, so it’s important to be vigilant at taking care of them. At, we aim to keep your business protected with the best in card access control. However, your cyber security safety is in your hands. Fully protect your business from unwanted guests both physically and on the internet by implementing a strong and enforced security plan.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Viability of Biometrics

Biometric technologies help to increase security, reduce risk, and make your business a much safer environment. Perhaps one of the biggest perks is that biometrics allows you to know who is in your facility at any time. Biometric technologies is one of the most effective, secure, and private forms of identification available today, and is continuously growing in popularity.

Products that recognize faces, hands, fingers, signatures, irises, finger prints, and other unique characteristics all fall into the biometric category, and are exceptionally good at keeping your business secure. Biometric products are a great investment, and work as advertised. Because of the way these products are designed, and the way they recognize distinct features, you don’t have to ever worry about the security of your business again. Biometrics helps ensure that those who are supposed to be there are there, and those who are not, are not. Biometric technology is the best choice for businesses that require the highest security, as they actually recognize the identity of a person, whereas a card does not.

If your business needs a powerful and reliable security system, consider implementing biometric technologies into your security plan today! Choose for the best in access control, including biometric technologies. Let us help you keep your business secure.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Make Your Own ID Cards with Zebra ZMotif

When your business grows, so does the number of employees you have on the payroll. It’s important to have every inch of your expansion plan covered, including everything down to ID badges. If your business currently has an access control system that requires the use of ID badges, it’s important that you’re able to produce badges in a timely manner and be able to print new badges when the need arises. The ZMotif CardStudio Software is an easy to learn, easy to operate card design and card insurance software suite that can give you the power to create new badges whenever you need to.

Whether creating simple badges or complex designs, Cardstudio makes badge creation a breeze. At we carry multiple editions of Zebra ZMotif Cardstudio including: Classic, Standard, and Professional. All versions of the suite are compatible with all current legacy Zebra card printers. Design, print, and encode ID security cards simply and stress free with CardStudio.

When it comes to access control for your business, there’s no better choice for the items you need than We take pride in offering the best access control systems and accessories to keep your business protected at the maximum. Learn more at today.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We Care about Our Customers

Did you know that we offer our customers the chance to win a prize every month? You heard that correctly. At, we appreciate our customer and give everyone the chance to enter for a monthly drawing to win a prize that says “thanks for being our customer.”

We encourage everyone to visit our website each month to register to win one of our great prizes. The rules are simple:

· Our drawings are held at a specified date, and announced on our YouTube channel, which can be viewed here.
· Winners are notified by phone or email if they have won.
· If you’re one of the lucky winners, we will gladly shop your prize to you free of charge.
· All participants must be located in the continental United States and be at least 18 years old.
· No purchase is necessary to enter.
· Participants are allowed one entry per day, and may be able to earn more entries by following Card Quest on social media.
· When filling out the entry form, participants are giving their permission for Card Quest to announce their name on YouTube, Facebook, and any other Card Quest Entity.

When it comes to satisfying your access control needs, there’s no better choice than Be sure to keep checking back for new contest announcements.